In pursuit of the prevention of chronic illness, including obesity, through the promotion of a  low carb & plant based diet.

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Plant Compounds & Cancer

Plant-Derived Compounds as Treatments for Cancers: Antioxidants and Chemotherapeutics Introduction                 The search for more effective medicines for treating cancers continues to be an active area of research. Within the efforts made on this front, the importance of plant-derived compounds needs no introduction. In the past few decades, the improvements in the technology to isolate…

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About DHAS Founder

Sheilah Danielle Fulton is a licensed Aesthetician, Fitness Instructor, Educator, published writer in various magazines and textbooks. She holds a MBA in Health Care Management and is a doctoral student where her specialization is in Health Services—Community Health Education & Advocacy. She has lived all over the USA and favors living near the ocean best. It is her aspiration to bring an awareness to our communities by providing resources in order to improve and enhance their lives where the emphasis is on a plant based diet.

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