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Who is the writer behind the words?

Photo of Sheilah Fulton

Sheilah Danielle Fulton  is  a licensed Aesthetician, Fitness Instructor, Educator , published writer in various magazines and textbooks. She holds a MBA in Health Care Management and is a doctoral student where her specialization is in Health Services- Community Health Education & Advocacy. She has lived all over the USA and favors living near the ocean best.  It is her aspiration to bring an awareness to our communities by providing  resources  in order to  improve and enhance their lives where the emphasis is on a plant based diet. Also, she aspires to instill the passion for fitness where communities may achieve optimal health  She endeavors  to put communities alliance in contact one another in order to empower them to create change and promote  a healthier life while preserving and sustaining natural resources by being or becoming environmentally conscious. Thus, she believes in the power of natural health and prevention- where a communities health is  not   merely enhanced yet healthier longevity is achieved.


Advocate for natural and holistic living! In pursuit of the prevention of chronic illness including obesity through the promotion of a low carb & plant based diet.


To provide communities with helpful resources and scholarly written scientific data that not only educates yet provides useful information needed to assist others in making valuable decisions to enhance their health as well as achieve longevity. Whereby communities are brought in alliance with one another in order to acquire optimal health and fitness.