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Plant Compounds & Cancer

Plant-Derived Compounds as Treatments for Cancers: Antioxidants and Chemotherapeutics Introduction                 The search for more effective medicines for treating cancers continues to be an active area of research. Within the efforts made on this front, the importance of plant-derived compounds needs no introduction. In the past few decades, the improvements in the technology to isolate…

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Polyphenols in Diet

By Dr.Rao Adeel Polyphenols are a group of enzymes and chemical compounds that are naturally plant-based, consisting of hundreds of different types, and have been thought to be highly beneficial to your health. If taken regularly, they offer plenty of health benefits, ranging from anti-inflammatory effects, cardiovascular disease prevention, to regulating your metabolic system as…

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Plant your way to skin health

Oxidative Stress Our skin’s best defense against signs of aging involves protection from oxidative stress. Aside from using a broad-spectrum sunscreen—it is our diet plays an integral role with intrinsic and extrinsic aging. The gradual loss of skin elasticity and sagging is accelerated due to environmental (extrinsic), dietary choices & metabolic processes (intrinsic).  Though we…...

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The Glue that Binds Us ~

Kolla- The glue that binds us Collagen- it is the most abundant protein throughout the human body and plays an integral role in maintaining the integrity of the integumentary system. The word is derived from Greek word kolla meaning glue. .  (Lodish & Zipursky, 2000)   A brief history on the molecular science of collagen: In…

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Study shows obesity and cancer link

Obesity is an epidemic over 30 % (CDC) of our population is considered obese and the stat is climbing. one which I am focused on with my writing endeavors and in pursuit of my PhD in Health Services- Community health advocacy & education . I appreciate this article- it is insightful, informative and useful. Thanks!…

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