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Prevention with Polyphenols

Dietary polyphenols are the most abundant group among plant based bioactive compounds and are prevalent to good health. Plant based polyphenols contribute to the balance of our intestinal microbiota including the maintenance of our intestines. The most effective way for us to obtain polyphenol nutrients is with ingesting fruits and vegetables. (Pandey & Rizvi, 2009)…

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Sugar Addiction – The Opiates of the brain

Sugar Addiction: The Trigger of Opiates of the Brain The reality of human addiction to sugars is found within the brain.   May sound like a fraternity or sorority names yet Mu, Delta and Kappa are receptors involved with the stimulus of the brain’s reward system play an integral role in this addiction. Processed food with…

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The Great Cellular Divide

Human: A multicellular organism where cells perform various specialized functions. In the beginning stages of human development cell division occurs and through an intricate process of mitotic development create the authentic – you. What you might not be so informed about is that our cells are innately programmed for death. This is referred to as…

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Green Blood: Key to Cleansing and Cancer Prevention

Chlorophyll is the blood of a plant and contains similar molecular structure as human blood- hemoglobin. Both hemoglobin and chlorophyll have four elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen whereas, the heme atom in hemoglobin has Fe (iron) surrounding its porphyrin molecular ring while chlorophyll utilizes magnesium which helps it in production of photosynthesis. This relationship…

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Poverty of Flesh

As we age we are more susceptible to muscle loss a condition referred to as Sarcopenia which is a Greek word where prefix means flesh and suffix poverty. Dr. Irwin Rosenberg in 1988 coined the word Sarcopenia which is a pathological condition. Thus, Sarcopenia is a progressive loss of skeletal muscle which has multifactorial causes.…

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