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Fat Fork: The Hyperpalatable Food

No one ever gets Fat by eating natural fruits and vegetables. Food Addiction: The Hyperpalatable Food Do you ever think- the most beautiful thing you can adorn yourself with is a healthy, toned, fit body that can withstand daily stresses and age gracefully? If your fork has become a shovel then you may find yourself…

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Wrinkle in Time

As we journey through our lives our body does an integral role in shielding us from toxins and pathogens which can harm us – make us ill. It is with our skin- which is the largest organ of the body and serves a vital function in protection.  Many of us take for granted our skin…

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BMI: Body Mass Index- Size Matters

Quick Facts– Or self- efficacy is what motivates and helps us endure positive change in our lives. For those who are reluctant to step foot in a gym yet find it ever more appealing to gorge on an infinite amount of calories – will soon see their health  shall largely deteriorate.  According to the World…

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Integumentary System : The Mirror to Our Health

Our skin is a mirror of Internal Health As a human being you have trillions of cells throughout your body which perform intricate functions to maintain the overall integrity and health of your skin. Our metabolic processes and utilization of energy- ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) all impact our overall health.  It is recognized that free radical…

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Oxidative Stress and Fitness

It is pretty common that we need to work out to relieve stress and prevent chronic illnesses, etc. However, too much exercise beyond the submaximal level of cardiovascular training we run into a problem- of damaging cellular structures. As we intend to exercise to prevent oxidative stress- intense exercise above our 85% maximal can illicit…

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